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GSH LED Nail Grinder----Currently Unavailable

GSH LED Nail Grinder----Currently Unavailable

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GSH LED nail Grinder

Voltage- 8.4 volts

Power Source -Li-ion Battery 1100mAh



★1 x Medium Diamond Dremel Bit

★1 x screw mandrel

★1 x HSS Drill Bit

★3 x Pink Diamond Honing Bit

★1 x Nylon Brush

★1 x Drill Bit

★1 x Sanding Drum

★1 x Arbor Screw Mandrel

★2 x Felt Polishing Wheel

★10 x Sanding Band

★10 x Cut-Off Wheel

★1 x Collet

★4 x Grinding Stone Bit

★1 x Collet Wrench

★1 x Charger

6 month warranty from date of purchase. Receipt required for warranty. No registration of order is required.


When being charged this rotary tool is unable to be used.

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