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15 Coat Types Poster

15 Coat Types Poster

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15 Coat Types Poster

Poster is 11x17 - The Groomers Guide to the Fifteen Coat Types poster has been acclaimed throughout the USA and even internationally as "brilliant" and "should become the industry standard" by leading, long-standing grooming industry leaders. It is a required curriculum for International Professional Groomers and has almost sold out its first printing. This visually clear, colorful, and simple to read poster graphically connects science-based genetic dog coat information with skin and coat care product guidelines sourced from veterinary dermatological texts, with fifteen different types of dog coats that require unique grooming approaches. It is an extremely handy reference guide not only for the groomer, but for everyone else ranging from conversations with the pet owner to employee trainees. It comes lightly laminated for shipping, but many people display it either framed or with a hard lamination near their grooming areas. A Book on the Fifteen Coat Types is planned for later this year from Master Groomer and Educator Jennifer Bishop Jenkins. A Groomer's Guide to the Fifteen Coat Types. Groomer's Guide - Jennifer Jenkins-Bishop

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