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Dirty Dog

Dirty Dog Black Straight / Curved

Dirty Dog Black Straight / Curved

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China Forged: 440C Japanese Steel Titanium Black Dog Pattern Finish. Dial Colors: Black w/dog, Pink w/dog, Plain Silver. Dirty Dog thinners cut and glide smoothly through the dog’s fur/hair. Includes FREE scissor case, finger ring sizers, and Shisato carbon comb. Lifetime Warranty against faulty materials or workmanship. Great quality professional grooming thinner. Forged in China, Japanese 440C stainless steel. Offset camelback handle design with a slight bent down thumb hole for extra comfort. Black titanium finish with silver dog pattern. Semi-convex edge for a crisp, clean cut. 40 teeth thinner (7” length shear). Also available in a cutting shear

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