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Wahl Bravura 5 in 1

Wahl Bravura 5 in 1

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Wahl’s Bravura Lithium professional ‘5 in 1’ Blade clipper is the #1 choice of cordless clipper options and is now available in 5 designer colors!

The lithium technology of the Bravura allows it to be charged thousands of times without any noticeable loss in battery capacity. The Bravura Lithium is designed for long running times of 90 minutes and operates at full speed until the battery is completely depleted.

Recharge time is a quick 60 minutes.

The Constant Speed Control feature automatically delivers more power when needed to get through tough situations. Bravura Lithium delivers unsurpassed cutting performance with the Wahl ‘5 in 1’ blade set –Sizes #9, #10, #15, #30 & #40 all in one blade.

The Bravura Lithium is a must have clipper for every professional who wants to save time and money while having have a great finished clip to show off! Ideal for all animal coats including dogs, cats, horses and large animals. Feet, face, and all finish work on all dog breeds.

Full body clipping on small and medium sized dogs. Cat Grooming. Bridle path, ears, muzzle and fetlocks on horses. Trimming, blocking & show cuts for goats, pigs and cattle.

Constant Speed Control=Constant Torque automatically delivers more power. Professional power up to 5,500 SPM. Exceptionally quiet, virtually no vibration, lightweight, durable and maintenance free. 90 minute Cordless Run Time. The Bravura clipper and ‘5 in 1’ blade will never get hot eliminating the risk of overheated blades and eliminates having to use messy coolants.


  • Professional Cord/Cordless Lithium Ion Clipper
  • ‘5 in 1’ Fine Blade Set (#9, #10, #15, #30, and #40)
  • Soft Storage Case
  • Charge Stand and Charger
  • 6 Plastic Attachment Guide Combs
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Blade Oil
  • Instruction Book
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